Save Time on Your Airline Travel – Welcome to the Age of Necessity Where Less is Best

Thanks to recent events around the world, it is becoming a necessity to travel light. Rising costs in fuel for airline companies mean that they are passing more and more of these costs onto us the traveler. You’ve probably noticed that prices for baggage you check in have been steadily increasing and as they always say, what goes up must come down, except for prices. Other events, such as terrorist related activities, have also made airline travel increasing difficult and time consuming. I’ve always traveled light and encourage others to do so as well.

Pack only what you need. Why travel light? It saves time, money and avoids any unnecessary hassle. Do you enjoy lining up at customs as they check, x-ray and then examine every piece of luggage? I know I don’t and it is nothing more than a huge waste of my valuable time. How can you make sure that you travel light and only take what you need? Simple. If you can buy whatever it is that you want to pack at your new destination, then don’t pack it, buy it after you arrive at wherever you are going. This means the only absolutely essential items you need to take with you are your travel documents, a passport, a toothbrush, towel and some basic clothes for at least the first few days. If you can’t fit everything you need into one carry-on bag then you are over packed and need to seriously reconsider what you are taking.

You’ll be amazed at just how much time you can save by packing light. You won’t be checking bags in and out. You won’t be lining up after you arrive like everyone else waiting for the conveyor belt to bring your luggage around. There’s no chance that you’ll grab someone else’s bag by mistake or that someone will take yours by mistake. There’s no chance the airline will mess up and put your bag on the wrong flight. Customs will let you pass without as much of a blink as an eye and you’ll be on the road shortly after you land in almost no time. If your time is as important to you as my time is to me, then you’ll understand what I mean. We are entering the age of the essential, where excess is bad and less is more. Pack only what you need and nothing else. Your time schedule and wallet will thank you.

Unnecessary Fear of Airline Travel

With popular airline travels, it also cannot be denied that a lot of people are also scared of it. This is due to the fact that there are still people who believe that this traveling method is not as safe as the others, and this has probably been brought about by the fact that a lot of incidents have already happened where planes crash. But you will probably be surprised when you find out that airline travel is considered as the safest and has the lowest rate of deaths based on every billion kilometer that it has traveled. However, there are really people who will not be able to hold back their fear of flying no matter what statistics say.

It should give people enough relief that all the people in charge such as the pilots, air traffic controllers, airline mechanics and even flight attendants really take into consideration a lot of safety measures to give their passengers the best flight of their lives every single time. In addition, a lot of standards and practices were developed to be able to ensure that unwanted accidents will not occur. Furthermore, crashes that happened in the past are also studied by airline crews to be able to assure the passengers that it will not happen again. Because of these facts, passengers must feel more secured every single time they fly and they feel unsure of it.

But if you are really not assured of flying at whatever airline travel company, you can just assure yourself by doing certain things to make yourself more at ease. One thing you can do is to read about the background of the specific airline company you are eying so that you will know if there has been a lot of incidents that involves crashing. Aside from this, you can just help yourself by keeping busy while on the flight and avoiding all the negative thoughts entering your head. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy the entire flight altogether and you will not be able to maximize the benefits that the airline company is offering you. Most importantly, this also means that you will not be able to maximize the worth of the money you will be paying for.

Best Airline Miles Credit Card Offers

When looking into an airline reward card, you may find the large number of options seems to be a bit overwhelming.  So, how do you weed out the duds and choose the best airline miles credit card offers?  Here are few key elements to look at when choosing the card that is best for your lifestyle.

The Rate of Interest

Just as with other types of credit cards, one way to sort out the best airline miles credit card offers is to look at the annual rate of interest.  These types of rewards cards do tend to have a higher interest rate than other cards, however if you do not typically carry a monthly balance, they can really pay off.  If you do regularly carry a balance, you may not want to open this type of account because you may incur more of an expense in finance charges than you will receive back in miles.  In the event that you carry a balance, but still insist upon obtaining an airline miles card, look for one that has the most reasonable rate.  There are many cards on the market today that offer low introductory rates.

Travel Preferences

Depending on how often you travel, an airline miles card may be a great option.  If you are a frequent flyer, these cards can definitely pay off.  However, if you only travel very infrequently, this card may not be worth the cost.  In addition to considering how often you travel, you should also consider what matters to you when you travel, as different airline miles cards offer different benefits.  For example, if you regularly travel with a spouse or a child, a card that provides free companion airfare is definitely an important benefit.  Other airline miles cards may offer free upgrades to first class, so if this is important to you, you may want to look for these offers. 

Spending Preferences

Not only should you evaluate your travel preferences, you also need to consider your spending preferences.  Some cards provide rewards based upon a point system for every purchase that you make.  Other cards only issue points for purchases that are made at certain retail establishments.  Therefore, if you sign up for one of these cards, but you do not regularly shop at the necessary outlets, you will not be able to earn enough travel points, essentially defeating the purpose of the card.  You should take a bit of time to examine your spending habits to make sure they correspond to the offers of the card.

You should also be aware that some of the best airline miles credit card offers place restrictions on the number of miles or points you can earn per year.  This could mean that you may end up spending more in a year than you will be able to receive back as a reward, which will only cost you more money.

Conversely, you may also find that your spending habits do not add up enough to meet the requirements to earn points or miles.  Say for example you need to spend $10,000 per year on your card in order to receive your free miles, but you actually only spend $7,500.  Your spending habits would not make this card worthwhile as the fees and finance charges will only add an extra expense to your life, without providing any real benefit.

Airline Travel Secrets – 3 Things You Can Do to Save a Ton of Money!

The vast majority of travelers think that airline ticket prices are set in stone. Since so many of the large travel agencies seem to rule the market, many people think that it is nearly impossible to get some great deals on airline travel. However, I am going to go directly against that line of thinking, and show you 3 easy tips that you can use to save several hundred dollars on your next flight!

1. The first thing that you can do to save money on airline travel is to take the late flight. most travelers are not willing to fly at these hours, and you can use this to save some money. The airlines lose money if not all of the seats are filled, which means that you can get some cheap last minute pricing on your flight!

2. Another method most travelers do not consider is contacting the airlines for discounts. Most consumers think the airlines are “out the get them,” but this actually could not be further from the truth. The airlines reward savvy customers, and do so by giving them information on a first come, first serve basis. What I mean by this is that the airlines will start specials shortly after midnight, and the people who know about this can call the airline hotline at 12:01 A.M. and get a great deal!

3. By far the best method for getting super cheap airline tickets is getting in touch with someone who knows the system. You typically do this with a former or current airline employee, as they often times know methods of getting extremely good deals on airline tickets that are not available to the public.

The problem is getting someone like this to actually reveal their secrets, which is what I have been able to do!